Shipping and International Trade Disputes

Shipping is one of our chosen sectors, which means that much of our time and resource are focused upon shipping disputes and our experienced maritime lawyers offer years of experience across the entire spectrum of dry shipping disputes including charter party, bill of lading, shipbuilding, ship sale and purchase, marine insurance claims, shipbuilding contracts, ship arrest and mortgage enforcement, collisions and salvage, trade finance and letters of credit, personal injury and bunker and repair claims. We also handle arrest cases on a regular basis and are very familiar with the processes, as well as the procedural laws and requirements. As seasoned maritime investigators, we have conducted innumerable internal investigations alongside the MPA with a simple goal: to understand and solve problems.

In cases involving maritime casualties or oil/chemical spills, we deal with casualty, pollution and salvage issues on behalf of ship owners, charterers, protection and indemnity insurers, and hull underwriters.

In the international trade sector, we advise on trade and commodity disputes. Our litigation lawyers have particular strengths in quality/contamination, charter-party and bill of lading disputes in both ‘dry’ commodities such as grains, metals and bulk electronic components, and ‘wet’ commodities, such as oil, chemicals and petroleum products. We also have expertise in export licence controls.

Our litigation lawyers have substantial experience in relation to international sales of goods and associated trade finance disputes, including letters of credit, bills of exchange and documents against acceptance transactions. Trade and commodities disputes are particularly amenable to rapid, cost-effective resolution through carefully-tailored solutions, whether by early ADR/commercial settlement or by using the flexibility of the arbitral process.

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