Inheritance Disputes

Unfortunately disputes surrounding wills, probate, family trusts and estate administration are becoming more common.

Such disputes can be difficult and painful and wherever possible we advise family members to allow us to try to reach a resolution through negotiations, mediation or out of court settlement. Initiating litigation may assist in bringing about a settlement but a trial should be the last resort.

Whether you are contesting a will, looking to make a claim for family provision under the Intestate Succession Act or have concerns about the administration of an estate or trust of which you are a beneficiary (or indeed are a trustee or executor faced with any such claims), we can assist you. We have experience in dealing with disputes where the deceased held assets in different countries and often work together with colleagues in other jurisdictions to achieve the best possible outcome.

We often recommend the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution as an effective means of achieving an early and cost effective settlement.

Examples of our experience include:

  • Applications to the Family Court
  • Contesting the validity of wills
  • Reviewing the actions of Executors in the administration of an estate, including cases where an executor is refusing to administer the estate or sell estate property
  • Assisting in the removal of Executors, Personal Representatives and trustees
  • Trust disputes

We are happy to discuss the various options to fund such claims including fixed fees.

For more information, please contact Loh Wai Yue.