Business Start ups

In the fledgling days of a new business, the legal issues can be bewildering. We help existing businesses with the setup of new corporate structures and entrepreneurs and partnerships to get the most out of their business ventures. Advising clients on the best legal structure for their business, our expertise includes:

  • Knowing what legal structures are right for clients in terms of suitability, flexibility and longevity;
  • Setting up private companies, not for profit companies, companies limited by guarantee, charitable companies, limited liability partnerships, limited partnerships and ‘old fashioned’ partnerships;
  • Dealing with professional partnerships, including lawyers, accountants, surveyors, architects, and others;
  • The transition from one structure to another, for example from partnership to LLP company;
  • Licensing (if applicable), immigration, employment, property and landlord and tenant aspects that need to be factored in when an international business establishes its first office in Singapore, or when it expands its existing operation; and
  • Understanding and advising how to protect your personal assets and family wealth.

Company incorporation in Singapore

Many businesses are now moving their operations or opening up offices in Asia as they follow the trend of rising opportunities in the region. Singapore, in particular, is a favorite amongst international corporations for establishing their presence in Asia and buying into the Asian market.

The establishment of a business presence in Singapore enables multinational companies to take advantage of Singapore’s strategic position in, among others, the shipping and insurances industries and of its stable government, established legal system and highly educated and proficient workforce.

In addition, Singapore provides multinational corporations with a strong economy, evolved dispute resolution avenues and a very capable legal and financial sector which can support all types of industries and operations.

Singapore companies also enjoy a low corporate tax rate (17%) and, depending on what sector they are operating in, are able to take advantage of a suite of incentives which are available as a result of Singapore’s position as a leading commercial hub.

Our company incorporation services in Singapore

When foreign entities consider establishing a presence in Singapore, we are able to assist in the incorporation of a subsidiary or the registration of a branch. We also draft or review customized constitutional documents and advise generally on the appropriate corporate structure. Sometimes a joint venture with a local company is the first step. We are experienced in drafting, reviewing and advising on shareholders’ agreements and other joint venture vehicles both domestic (Singaporean) and cross-border. Where an acquisition or disposal is under consideration, we are experienced in advising on share and asset purchases and sales.

How do we incorporate in Singapore?

Incorporation in Singapore is a fast and straightforward process. Once you have provided us with the relevant documents and information, we will be able to incorporate the company for you in a matter of 2 working days.

The relevant documents and information we need are:

  1. Preferred name of company
  2. Principal activity(ies) of company
  3. Currency of share capital (i.e. SGD or USD)
  4. No. of shares to be issued at incorporation
  5. Price per share
  6. Name and particulars of Resident Director and any other director to be appointed on incorporation
  7. Name and particulars of shareholder/subscriber on incorporation
  8. Registered office address

Our company incorporation fees are SGD 2,500. For this fee, our clients will enjoy the following services:

  • Incorporation of company
  • Provision of Company Kit, including the company seal
  • Provision of Constitution of company and other essential documents

We also provide flexible pricing and package deals for our clients who require multiple companies to be incorporated.

After incorporation, our team can provide assistance and support to early stage start-ups who are looking to establish their business on a more formal basis. Creating the right legal framework and ensuring that the business is protected at the outset is vital for a start-up to achieve its full potential. We can offer advice on the licensing ( if applicable), immigration, employment, property aspects that need to be factored in when an international business establishes its first office in Singapore, or when it expands its existing operations.

For more information, please contact Bill Ricquier.