If you run a business, you will almost certainly be involved in a property transaction at some point. Whether you are a company needing to lease larger premises to give your business room to grow or an individual or management corporation needing help with access rights to your property, the right legal advice can save you time and money.

Although we do not offer a conveyancing service, we handle all aspects of the law relating to landlords and tenants including drafting and reviewing leases and tenancies, both standard residential tenancies and complex commercial leases.

Our commercial property team has the skills and experience to deal with the largest, most complex property transactions for clients, including government departments and institutional investors. Head of the Property Group is Bill Ricquier who authored “Land Law”, currently in its fourth edition and which is used extensively by law firms in Singapore.

We can help you with:

  • Advisory work on en bloc sales
  • Condominium management issues
  • Land acquisition and compensation
  • Landlord and tenant issues and/or disputes
  • Leases – residential, commercial and retail
  • Property dispute resolution, including court litigation and local and international arbitration
  • Regulatory and contractual / equitable issues
  • Real estate joint ventures
  • Setting up and licensing real estate businesses in Singapore

For information, please contact Bill Ricquier.