Public Law and Judicial Review

At Incisive Law, we can provide a complete service in regulation, public administrative law, constitutional law and judicial review for government, regulators and private companies. Our team can handle both contentious and non-contentious work, provide timely advice on the applicability of particular laws to your situation and the enforcement of laws, as well as challenging or defending the decisions of public authorities (whether in judicial reviews or at other tribunals).

One of our directors, Ms. Felicia Tan, previously worked as an in-house lawyer in the public sector and then as counsel for various government bodies and/or regulators. Her in-depth understanding of the major concerns and prevailing policies of public sector adds to the strength of the team and gives us an unrivalled perspective and understanding of the key priorities of public authorities and regulators and what they need from their external legal advisors and/or their counterparts.

For more information, please contact Felicia Tan.