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2018 GRR Award For Most Significant Insolvency-related Litigation

For the first time in 2018, Global Restructuring Review will be presenting an award for the “Most Significant Insolvency-related Litigation“. We are proud to share that a recent Singapore Court of Appeal case that our lawyers Ms Felicia Tan, Mr Justin Seet and Ms Samantha Kong worked on (Diablo Fortune Inc v Duncan, Cameron Lindsay and another [2018] SGCA 26) have been nominated for this award.

Although the Court ultimately decided against the appeal, this case has set the wheels in motion for legislative changes as the Court recognised that their decision stemmed primarily from the existing black letter of the Singapore statute but others like Hong Kong have legislated a carve-out which our Parliament could (and/or should) consider. Results of the award will be announced 26 June 2018.

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