Incisive Law Employment Blog

 Just as most people do not enter into a marriage planning for a divorce, most organisations do not start employing individuals with a view towards termination or retrenchment and likewise most employees start a job without planning to quit in the near future. Yet some of the most common employment disputes arise from differences in understanding or interpretation of termination rights and obligations, retrenchment benefits, corporate restructuring, garden leave, non-compete and non-solicitation clauses. Many of such disputes are brought before the Singapore courts though they could either be resolved through thoughtful mediation or much earlier, by clear drafting and detailed consideration before signing the employment contract.

Further, in this day and age of cross-border projects and company operations, navigating employment regulations across different jurisdictions is no longer the only thing which human resource and senior management officers need to be concerned about. Managing cultural differences and varied approaches to simple questions such as what is required of an employer in terms of workplace health and safety, what policies should a company have vis-a-vis harassment, are also increasingly at the forefront of corporate governance and management concerns.

This blog is designed to provide you snapshots of key information, articles and court decisions on:

  • employment laws and regulations;
  • workplace health and safety; and
  • workplace harassment.

Incisive Law Wills, Trusts & Property Blog

No one likes to talk about death, especially their own. But if you don’t make plans on how you want to distribute your worldly wealth while you’re still alive, you can leave a host of problems and hardships for your grieving family to sort out. This is especially difficult as the Probate process can be time consuming and cumbersome at times with numerous requirements, filings and deadlines.

This blog is intended to give you straightforward information and covers a variety of topics including creating a will, a lifetime trust, or power of attorney and learning how to avoid probate problems or act as an executor.